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USNBO Membership

Membership Makes a Difference:

U.S. Normande Breeders Organization (USNBO) offers services that promote marketing of Normande cattle worldwide, by working directly with OS Normande in France, Colombia and other Normande breed organizations and associations. USNBO registered cattle are issued numbers prefixed with NO, the internationally accepted and recognized breed code for Normande cattle (as well as including internationally recognized date-of-birth Year codes & USA Country of Origin state codes). This practice provides the standard that is recognized in the cattle industry world-wide, and allows members trouble-free genetics collection, exporting and showing. By joining and registering your Normande cattle with USNBO, you will join other resourceful and forward-thinking breeders, sharing ideas, implementing programs and promoting maximum marketing opportunities to keep the breed moving forward.  USNBO members pay lower fees for services & registration than non-members. Membership must be current to register your animal at member rates.

Registering Normande Cattle

Please Fill out Registration Applications Carefully & Completely:

It is very important to provide legible, complete and accurate information. For pedigrees, we cannot accept unidentified cattle, or any labels such as “Commercial”, “Grade”, “Unregistered”, etc. Every animal in the pedigree must have its breed composition declared, have a date of birth, and, if your herd is on DHI Test, we require that ID number. The goal is for every USNBO registration certificate to list the breed composition and percentage of all animals in every animal’s pedigree.

The USNBO minimum photo requirement is one clear, color photograph of the side of the animal (dry and standing), showing its legs, feet, face and all markings for each animal applying for registration. USNBO highly recommends submitting photos of both sides. Please remit photos by email to the USNBO office, accompanied with owner’s information and identification of each animal pictured.

Normande Colors

There are 4 color patterns associated with the Normande breed: Quail, Blonde, Mahogany and Brindle.  Below are pictures that show each color pattern.

NOTE: Orders will not be processed until fees are paid in full. 

Please make check(s) payable to:  USNBO

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