Why Registration Matters

Some breeders and owners question the importance and value in registering their animals. Some view registration as only being necessary to sell breeding stock, or to be to show animals at fairs.  Some breeders think it adds another layer of work, but in reality it saves time and money by preventing costly breeding mistakes.

In a Journal of Dairy Science article that was written by R.H. Rumler, from that article we find the following information:

In his book on the history of Ayrshire cattle, Gus Bowling stated, "It may be difficult for us to think of a time, in the dairy cattle breeding industry, when there were no pedigreed cattle, no breed registry organizations and no Herd Books to which we could go for aid in building pedigrees or identifying bloodlines within the breed."

The process of registering animals helps breeders with the animal's identification, where for some they had no identification program or only had eartag numbers for one or both of the parents.  Many times dams would be listed as “grades” or “unknown”.  With a good identification program where registration papers are part of the process, it can help aid owners to become “breeders” rather than “cow keepers”

Many see and understand the value that registering their animal’s offers.  Breeders that have spent years working and developing the breed, use breed registration and promotion as tools to encourage interest and bring value to the breed!

Growing the breed

New breeds are always being developed which offer unique characteristics, adaption to certain environments, performance or other traits that have merit and benefit.  While the Normande breed is not a "new breed", they have one of the oldest continuous registries, they offer strength and characteristics sought after by breeders.  Sometimes the unfortunate consequences is that the purebreds used in the creation of some of these breeds were not maintained and thus they became extinct.

Registering your animals is a source as to how the breed is growing and improving.  When animals are not registered the availability for future breeding animals and the growth of the breed become compromised.

Breed Promotion

When breeders work together through the U.S. Normande Breeders Organization can help in raising awareness for the breed and breeding stock.  By registering your animals you help support the U.S. Normande Breeders Organization and their efforts in breed promotion which greatly benefits everyone who raise or has an interest in the breed.

Increasing the value and demand for the breed

No one can predict the future, but as breeders register their animals they are able to increase the size of their herd where each generation should be better than the previous.  As each generation keeps improving over the previous and the numbers grow, the ability to be able to sell breeding stock to other breeders can provide another revenue source.

Quality animals that are registered can contribute to the gene pool and the future of the breed because of their outstanding genetics.

If you are not currently registering your animals, please consider doing so.

This will ensure your herd’s legacy
can influence the breed for generations to come!

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